Hartley Corporation click here
PO Box 908 Eagle, ID 83616
We have offices in Seattle and Portland, and a long list of satisfied customers from our 60 years of selling and servicing heat processing equipment. Whether new or used, for large or small applications — we welcome your contact so we can have the opportunity to earn your business.


Wisconsin Oven Company click here
Wisconsin Oven Corporation is located in East Troy, Wisconsin, southwest of Milwaukee and northwest of Chicago. Our main manufacturing operations and various subsidiaries and divisions are housed in our complex of buildings located in the East Troy Business Park. Wisconsin Oven Corporation employs the finest individuals, dedicated to quality, service, and customer satisfaction.


Lindberg/MPH click here 
Batch and continuous furnaces, including non-ferrous melting furnaces, with maximum continuous operating temperature ratings from 500° F (260° C) to 3,200° F (1,760° C)


Baker Furnace click here 
Thermal and catalytic environmental equipment (afterburners, oxidizers, incinerators) and batch or continuous ovens and furnaces with maximum continuous operating temperature ratings between 150° F (65° C) and 2,200° F (1,205° C)


Ajax Electric click here
Ajax Electric Salt Bath furnaces used immersed electrodes from the outset so that all heat was generated within the bath itself.  Ajax Electric Company Salt Bath furnaces quickly became known for their rapid and uniform heating, automatic preheating, buoyancy minimizing distortion, and efficient use of floor space.


Pyrometric Company click here
The Pyrometric Company is committed to excellence in its field and is continually updating to the most current industry standards. We are also the manufacturer of Pyrobond Composite Repair Systems, a complete line of composite repair equipment, heat blankets and accessories.


Solar Vacuum Furnaces click here
Solar Manufacturing is a member of the Solar Atmospheres family of companies. Solar Atmospheres, Inc. is a progressive company and the largest independently owned commercial heat treater in the USA.