Drop Bottom Furnace

The concept of a drop bottom is very simple, and its name is derived from the process. The product, often loaded in baskets or on a grid, is positioned under the oven and is attached to a lift mechanism. Theload is then lifted into the chamber and the doors, located on the bottom, are closed. The oven then proceeds with the heat treat of the load. At a prescribed time, the doors open, and the load is lowered at a near free fall rate into a waiting quench tank.

Wisconsin Oven manufactures Drop Bottom Furnaces,Quench Tanks, Aluminum Age Ovens and related equipment for solution treatment of aluminum extrusions, sheet metal, castings and other parts. We serve the automotive, aerospace and other industries. Wisconsin Oven Corporation manufactures Drop Bottom Furnaces in Electric, Gas Fired, or Indirect Gas Fired configurations. We offer temperatures to 1,200°F with uniformity of +/- 5°F. Our equipment is designed to meet specifications AMS-2750, AMS-2770, MIL-H-6088 and BAC-5602, as required. In typical Wisconsin Oven tradition, our solution treat equipment is extremely durable and highly reliable. We offer a full range of installation services, from startup assistance to complete turnkey installations. Our Drop Bottom Furnaces utilize many innovative design features to reduce maintenance and increase performance and efficiency.

Innovative Design Features

When closed, the doors are tightly clamped against the bottom of the furnace. This type of closure prevents cold air leakage, which can disrupt the temperature uniformity of the load and increase operating expenses.
The door consists of a tightly compressed ceramic fiber that is self-adjusting and will maintain a superior seal that will last years before replacement is required.
Our design uses higher velocity airflow (over 800 FPM through the load). High pressure blowers provide faster heating rates and tighter temperature uniformity for varying load configurations and densities.