Bench Ovens & Cabinet Batch Ovens

The cabinet or bench oven is used to describe small batch equipment. Wisconsin Oven offers various sizes in two models, the SBH and the CB.

Heavy Duty Bench Oven (SBH Series)

The SBH or Heavy Duty Bench is designed for a heavy-duty cycle and is offered in thirty-six (36) sizes. The SBH is perfect for long dwell times at high temperatures and high volume production. The SBH has unequalled air volume and heat input. The SBH is offered in either electric or natural gas heat. The SBH or Heavy Duty Bench is designed for 650°F with a high temperature option for 1,000°F operation. The SBH is a laboratory oven with a floor stand and a structural rack and shelf assembly, plus many other options to choose from. E-mail us your application, and we will be glad to fit you with the bench model that best suits your needs.

Cabinet Batch Oven (CB Series)

The Reach-In Cabinet Batch (CB) is offered in four sizes (6, 8, 18, & 36 cubic feet) and has a maximum temperature rating of 650°F. The CB series oven is electrically heated and provides horizontal air flow through the work chamber, ensuring excellent temperature uniformity. The heavy-duty interior design and construction makes the CB series oven ideal for any industrial application while the clean, sleek appearance of the exterior, and its quiet operation make it suitable for any laboratory environment.