Powder Coating Systems (PCS)

8 Standard Powder Coating System Sizes


Wisconsin Oven and Wagner Systems are providing top of the line Powder Coating Systems complete with a Wisconsin Oven Enhanced Duty Walk-In Batch Curing Oven, Wagner PrimaCell Powder Booth, Wagner Prima Manual Unit with a PEM Spray Gun.

Wisconsin Oven and Wagner Systems both pride themselves on the highest quality and performance. The PCS Series Powder Coating Systems will provide customers with a consistently high quality powder application and cure. This package is perfect for both new and established powder coating businesses and can provide a savings of up to $2,500.

EWN Series Curing Oven

Wisconsin Oven’s Enhanced Duty Walk-In (EWN) Batch Ovens are specifically designed for powder curing applications. The EWN features combination airflow which provides uniform air distribution along the entire length of the work chamber resulting in quality cured finishes, optimum cure cycles, and no powder blow off. Their excellent temperature uniformity and quick heating rates create consistent quality parts and high production rates.

EWN batch ovens are completely factory assembled & tested prior to shipment. Wisconsin Oven is also the only supplier in the industry to back their ovens with an Exclusive 3-Year Heat & Recirculation Warranty.

EWN Batch Oven Features & Benefits for Powder Coating

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Uniform air distribution along the entire length of the work chamber provides quality cured finishes and optimum cure cycles (see figure 1)
  • Better Temperature Uniformity – provides consistent, high quality curing results…part after part!
  • Quicker Heating – cures more parts every day!
  • Motorized (modulating) gas control valve
  • SSR control on electric ovens
  • Digital controller & separate high limit
  • No Powder Blow-Off – reduces rework

PrimaCell Powder Booth

The WAGNER PrimaCell offers a simple, easy to use powder collection system. The powder is sprayed into the enclosure using manual spray equipment. Air is drawn through the work opening, carrying the powder overspray into the collector and on to the cartridge filter, where the powder is separated from the air stream. The clean air is drawn into the fan inlet, and is discharged through the final filters back into the plant.

The powder deposited on the cartridge filters is automatically dislodged by a reverse-pulse of compressed air. The Wagner equipment includes an exclusive 2-Year Warranty package covering both application and recovery equipment. Normal wear items not included. This exclusive warranty is included with the PCS Series at no extra charge to Wisconsin Oven customers.

PrimaCell Powder Booth Features & Benefits

  • Compact design frees valuable floor space
  • Direct drive fan motor with high performance fan wheel
  • Integrated booth control panel pre-wired to motor and controls
  • Horizontal airflow improves transfer efficiency and uniformity
  • Includes Wagner Prima Manual Unit & PEM C-4R Spray Gun (both pictured right)
  • Bolt-together bright white powder coated enclosure configured to the exact spray station requirements.